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I’d like to introduce myself and tell the story of the journey that brought me to creating Turtleback Trailers,

My name is Dave Munsterman. I’ve always had an intense love for the outdoors: camping, exploring and driving through the back countries.

As a kid I spent my Sunday evenings watching Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom and dreaming of adventure. I grew up in San Diego and and in the ’60s spent time camping my Mom, Dad and Brother Paul in the Cuyamaca mountains and in the Anza Borrego desert in a slightly modified ’65 VW bus to accommodate our family of 4.

In 1970 my dad converted a Ford Econoline Van. Cutting off the top and installing a fiberglass bubble roof. He built the cabinets, fitted the appliances, etc. until we had a adventure worthy cruiser. In the spring of 1971 we took off in the van for a 3 month adventure to the corners of the US.

Early on I was inspired by watching the Mexican 1000 on the ABC wide world of sports. After watching the program I was hooked on the off road experience. In 1976 I built my first off road vehicle, a VW based dune buggy. Since then I’ve built numerous Jeeps and buggies In the early 2000s I was fortunate enough to race a Jeep Cherokee in the Best in the Desert Series even winning the 2005 Nevada 1000 in my class. I had built one of the lightest in the class and one of the toughest. In the 4 years of campaigning this vehicle I only had 1 DNF (did not finish)

My love for camping became my profession for a few years being in the RV industry. In that time I had the privilege of touring many of the factories in the Mecca of trailer manufacturing, Elkhart Indiana, along with the RV factories of Oregon and Southern California. I was able to delve into the intricate points of mainstream RV construction. Some good, some not so good.

I’ve had numerous camping configurations through the years. Some very rudimentary and some extravagant.I feel that our Turtleback Trailer is a culmination of these experiences. I hope to bring to you a product that will bring you lifelong adventures and joy.

Our Turtleback Trailers are produced in an 11,000 sqft. facility located in South Phoenix. This amount of space allows us to have a 1000 sqft. showroom/office, a 2500 sqft. metal fabrication shop with CNC tube plasma cutter,  an exclusive chassis fixture and overhead hoist system. Then we have a 7500 sqft. space left for pre-assemblies and final trailer assembly. In the assembly shop we have separate dedicated areas for constructing the plumbing, electrical, gas systems, final assembly and inspection.

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