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We are not a wall street owned business. We are a family owned business, that puts people over profits. Stockholders and accountants don’t run our business, you, our customer and our partner, help us run this business. We appreciate loyal customers who love quality service and quality products from a company that cares and gives back to the community. Greed and egos don’t steer the direction our company goes, instead reputation and the love of sharing our passion, knowledge and skill of the 4WD market is what motivates us.

We care about your satisfaction and that is why we strive to always sell products that are of the highest quality. We will not sell junk just to make a quick buck. You work hard for your money like we do, and buying quality saves you money and aggravation in the long run. We travel the world to find the best products and partner with vendors who share the same philosophy as us. We know they will be there to stand behind the products they sell. We use many of the parts we sell and recommend on our own vehicles and adventures. That has been our philosophy since we started in 1979 – only sell and recommend parts we would trust on our own vehicle.

Our building and our processes are all designed around sustainability. This enables us to care about the future and also to do more with less. Our solar array, allows us to be a net zero, clean energy company and our computerized initiative to be paperless plus our recycling efforts, are actually helping our environment and reducing our overhead. This helps us to stay competitive and bring you value. Our business is in a very rural area and we want to be good neighbors in our community. Our family has been in this beautiful area of N.J. for over 200 years, and still live on the same family farm land for 6 generations.

The best products and the best service from people who really care and love what they do sums up our company. If you ever need to talk to us about anything you can easily reach us. Stop in, call or email, we’ll be here for you.

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